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BOB Jones ACT Preparation

Madison SAT ACT Tutoring

What is included in the course:

The 6-week course includes: 12 hours of group instruction, a textbook with 6 tests, overview of all 4 sections, strategies for each section, guided and timed practice in the class.

  • No makeup classes are offered for the course.  However, any missed classwork and homework will be provided upon request.  

Important Dates

  • June 9th 2018 test​​

    • class starts 4/30/2018

  • July 14th 2018 test

    • class start 6/4/2018

  • September 8th 2018 test

    • class start 8/6/2018 (3 hour session)

  • October 27th 2018 test

    • class starts on 9/10/2018

  • Registration fee: $160

  • Note:  Early Registration ends 10 days before the class starts, Late fee: $180

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