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Year Long Test Preparation

Tests Students Take in different Classes:

            7th Grade: Duke Tip (ACT)

            8th and 9th Grade: PSAT 8/9

            10th Grade: PSAT 10 

            10th Grade: Pre-ACT

            11th Juniors: ACT ( paid by school system in April)

            11th and 12th : ACT / SAT  for Scholarships

                                              What is Pre-ACT 8/9

Prepping for the SAT or ACT in 7th/8th grade will not just help you become an expert on the tests, it may also help you prep for other tests like ACT Aspire and the PSAT, as well as develop other academic and organization skills. So Pre-ACT 8/9 is the right course for 8-9 graders to plan ahead for ACT.



Pre-ACT 8/9


Want to prepare for ACT , then look into our Prep. class. for Early Starters

Recommended for: 8-9th Graders

Saturday: 12-2


  • Recommended period: 1 Year classes

  • Monthly Fee: $150 with Year commitment

  • Registration: $75,

  • Maximum 4 Students

Our Test Prep. Options

            6/7th grades- for Duke Tip (ACT)- Fridays 4-6

            8/9 Pre-ACT- Saturday 12- 2pm

            10th Pre-ACT - Saturday 12-2 pm

            PSAT 8/9- Saturday 2-4 pm

            PSAT 10th and PSAT/NMSQT - Saturday 2-4 pm

            ACT 11/12- Group and 1-1 Classes Available

            SAT 11/12- 1-1 classes Avialable

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