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​​​​​​​FREE TED-ED Club!

​​​​​​​Announcing TED-Ed Club, for any student interested in learning to give a TED talk.

Public Speaking (TED ED CLUB!) | Madison | Madison SAT ACT

TED-Ed Clubs are for students ages 8 to 18.  An educator — who gets materials and a hands-on orientation from the TED-Ed staff — leads the club through a series of 13 meetings, designed to get students to permanently wear their thinking caps.


For the first three meetings, students watch TED Talks, discuss them and begin to think: what idea most captures my imagination? From there, students learn how to frame their idea and present it in a TED-style talk.


In meeting 11, students give their talks in front of the club and, in the next meeting, work on editing their video. These talks are uploaded to the TED-Ed YouTube channel — some may even be featured on the TED-Ed website.


Madison ALOHA will have a TED Style event for all of you to enjoy the talks!


Classes will meet once a month

Second Friday 6-7:30 pm 

TED Style Event- Feb 2018 (TBA)

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